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Golf Course Sign - 1985

The main sign is 3 1/2" cedar
10' x 6'. The dark areas
around the letters & the painting
are routed down 1/2". Note the
6 x 6 structure, pegged with 2"


A project from 1987 -
I had 8 heavy-duty
6' x 4' canvas flags sewn up
and then I painted them with
thinned-down sign enamels.

The installation was an adventure.
Might have been my last one aloft.





I really enjoyed making these. They were small runs (25 or so) of hand-screen printed wooden plaques
for special benefactors of the public station.


1976 - My then-partner Dave holding a copper sculpture we had just finished that day -

For the lobby of a chemical company, and ordered two days before by some ass-covering, procrastinating interior designer... We were always happy to get rush jobs. The interference was minimal as long as we delivered the goods, and we were equally happy to remain anonymous as long as we were paid instantly.


1991 - "Desert Seven" Acrylic on Masonite - it was painted as the gulf war was going down.

1976 - Dave looking over a custom reception desk in progress & the airbrush rendering that sealed the deal


1979 - Original two-piece, clamshell-style vacuum-formed kid's racing sled - colored pencil rendering...

and a quick marker rendering... note that both are done on transparent papers so I could work quickly right over
the original pencil drawing - the colored pencil drawing was done on a remarkable
French paper I used to get that was thick, almost transparent and had a great tooth for pencil...


1977 - anything for a buck.
Life-size cartoon figures carved out of
giant (4' x 4' x 8') blocks of
styrofoam and then upholstered.
For a large parade float.
I drove the lead float &
got to have a beer
with Captain Kangaroo
(he was the King of the Parade).



Some fractal designs done in 1991 on a PC


Northeast Pennsylvania Heat - 2004


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