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Notecards from 1972 -

something breaking through
from one side to another


Original pen & ink logo design from 1985 - the original is about 14" square and done with a large rapidograph pen on board.
I was reading a book about the great Milton Glaser at the time and that is his famous typeface "Babyteeth" which he stole from a
rural Mexican sign-maker. Plus the menu cover from the renowned deli and an amusing newspaper ad from the 80's.


Poster - 1987

Hand silk-screened on
cover stock with
dark brown & gold ink
19" x 26"



Zulu - 1973

A small (4" x 7") brush
& ink drawing.


A project from 1988 -

The dancers are painted and
cut out on reinforced masonite
and about 5' high.
The piece can still be seen
behind the bandstand
on the long-running hit
PBS show "Pennsylvania Polka"

This piece is carved and painted -
a single block of 2" x 11" x 11"
sugar pine. I still have it.

1976 - Murals for the lobby
of P&G's world headquarters
in Cincinnati
for their bicentennial exhibit


The traditional Garage-in-a-Suitcase


1983 - The model pool nightmare


1985 - Marker comp and the finished screen-printed
piece in 6 colors.






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