(April 2012: I need to edit these ~ Babelfish is history, for one thing!)

Babelfish - instant translations
Linear English / Metric conversions
Clean up your Task List
Proofreaders' Marks
( for all those other characters)


Turmer Classic Movies
Sci-Fi on Radio - Recommendations
Sparta OTR - great FTP source

PirateTV Theatre
(Classic R
adio Drama - streaming )
Bright Lights Film Journal
Mantan Moreland

The Official Charles Mingus Site
Another Mingus Site
A Miles Davis Discography

Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Nice Article on Arthur Lee

A good collection of BIAB files

Gerry Mulligan speaks

Joan's Mad Monarchs
- a hoot
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza
The Food Timeline
Edmund Dene Morel
John Rae (my favorite explorer)
Hypatia of Alexandria
Women in Power


Alan Furst
(nice website by the author himself
Book Condition Lingo
Philip K. Dick

The Nero Wolfe Society
A Running Book List

Circles on the Square
(famed Wilkes-Barre delicatessen
& emporium)

Commercial Failures
The Amazing Randi

Urban Legends
(web scams, misinformation, etc.)

American Art Archives

really outstanding