I am always available on a consultant basis if you have your own manual production resources. I will be happy to review your existing manuals and make recommendations for a reasonable & agreed-upon fee ($30 per hour). Simply call or email.

I also offer a by-phone 3-hour tutorial (3 sessions usually) on perspective illustration in CorelDraw.


...irritate your customers, create resentment, and discourage
future and repeat sales.
...make a great impression and ensure repeat sales as well as
word-of-mouth recommendations. The best kind!
...send the message that you don't have any regard
for your customers or their time. Deadly!
...enhance the professional image of your company and both convey respect for your customers and confidence in your product.
...create customer service hassles and cost you hours
of needless phone support or even returns.
...catch & prevent problems before they occur and reduce
after-market service & restocking costs.
...can cause safety problems through poor presentation and by infuriating customers to the point that they don't pay attention to warnings and cautions. ...enhance your brand, add to your credibility, and encourage customers to believe what you are telling them, including proper and improper usage of your products.