A Running Book List

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon Rebecca West
The Balkans Misha Glenny
Balkan Ghosts Robert D. Kaplan
Mediterranean Winter Robert D. Kaplan
Eastward to Tartary Robert D. Kaplan
The Blue Nile Alan Moorehead
The White Nile Alan Moorehead
Gallipoli Alan Moorehead
The Making of the Atomic Bomb Richard Rhodes
Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb Richard Rhodes
The Arms of Krupp William Manchester
A World Lit only by Fire William Manchester
Goodbye, Darkness William Manchester
The Glory & the Dream William Manchester
The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Visions of Glory William Manchester
The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Alone William Manchester
American Caesar William Manchester
The March of Folly Barbara Tuchman
The Proud Tower Barbara Tuchman
The First Salute Barbara Tuchman
The Zimmermann Telegram Barbara Tuchman
A Distant Mirror Barbara Tuchman
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire Lawrence James
Castles of Steel Robert K. Massie
Dreadnought Robert K. Massie
Peter the Great Robert K. Massie
Myself When I am Real Gene Santoro
Bright Moments John Kruth
Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper Art & Laurie Pepper
The Nightmare Years William Shirer
The Rise & Fall of the 3rd Reich William Shirer
Black Earth: A Journey through Russia After the Fall Andrew Meier
The Ottoman Centuries Lord Kinross
Postwar Tony Judt
Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in Its Golden Age Michael Barrier
The Peace to End All Peace David Fromkin
Bodyguard of Lies Anthony Cave Brown
Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck
The Scramble for Africa Thomas Pakenham
Fatal Passage Ken McGoohan
The Arctic Grail Pierre Berton
The Last Place on Earth Roland Huntsford
Safe Return Doubtful John Maxtone-Graham
The Bishop's Boys Tom Crouch
Civilization Kenneth Clark
The Americans: The Colonial Experience Daniel J. Boorstin
The Americans: The National Experience Daniel J. Boorstin
The Americans:The Democratic Experience Daniel J. Boorstin
The Discoverers Daniel J. Boorstin
The Creators Daniel J. Boorstin
The Forest Edward Rutherfurd
Sarum Edward Rutherfurd
London Edward Rutherfurd
Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians J. B. Bury
Night Soldiers Alan Furst
The World at Night Alan Furst
Red Gold Alan Furst
Blood of Victory Alan Furst
The Polish Officer Alan Furst
Dark Voyage Alan Furst
Dark Star Alan Furst
Kingdom of Shadows Alan Furst
King Leopold's Ghost Adam Hochschild